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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
      ( 12:29 PM )
Of Frogs and Ants

Martin turned 16 months last week and to celebrate has decided to enter puberty early. What is going on? He suddenly bursts out into these emotional wailing and drama-filled attacks at the slightest problem. If he is caught suspended from the third shelf of the bookcase on his attempt to scale the entire 12-foot peak and told very firmly "No Ups on the Bookcase!" and is pulled unceremoniously to solid ground, he does not get angry, no - he bursts out crying like his heart will break. If he cannot have "Mo" edamame as a snack, it's like his best friend died. If the "blo flowa" (that's the dandelion) isn't allowed to be blown inside the house, scattering its seeds everywhere, it's like the worst tragedy of humankind. He hardly ever has anger tantrums or that sort of thing, no, his new thing is DRAMA.

He's going to be a frog for halloween. He knows what they are, so will be able to identify himself (maybe). Also, we didn't have to pay for the costume.

We have ants. P read online that a natural way to get rid of ants without using toxic repellants (not helpful when the house contains a child that likes to lick everything) was peppermint, saffron and catnip. I came home last night and our house smelled like a candy cane. Not unpleasant, but somehow sort of sticky feeling. Amazingly it works. The random ant can now be found trying desperately to flee from Martin as he puts his finger down to try to get it to crawl on to him so he can run around yelling "An! An!" as it crawls up his arm.

Oh, and yesterday he looked at the tv and a picture of Bush came on and Martin said "boob!" He didn't even breastfeed. How could one child be so brilliant?

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