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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
      ( 12:30 PM )
Politics Catch-Up

Before I begin my ranting and raving today, thought I'd do a bit of catch up on the 2004 campaign.

It looks like the Bush/Cheney Campaign has got a blog! It's a little frightening, and not really a blog, but I suppose times are changing. Here's what the leader of Political Campaign Blogs has to say:

Mr. President, I'm a blogger. I know blogs.
Bloggers are friends of mine. And your site,
sir, is not a blog.

We welcome all readers of this new somewhat
blog-like site to use this as an open thread to
discuss what you think of it, because the Bush
folks aren't interested in letting anyone comment.

In other news, Bob Graham has dropped out of the race. According to Dkos, Graham only had $1 million in the bank. Most figured him for the first drop out. While I'd like to see a leaner field of competition, I also don't want to see the likes of Kucinich, Mosely Braun or Sharpton drop out because they provide a much needed pull to the left for the party. Especially now that the Clintons'/DLC's pick is in the race.

Senator Judd Gregg's (R-NH) wife was a victim of abduction and violent robbery this morning, but it appears she is safe. They haven't caught the suspects yet.

It's up to the Californians now. Please don't let that ever be a phrase that is used with regard to anything actually important to the rest of us (just kidding, Californian friends!!).

And once this Californian thing is over, we can all re-focus on the REAL recall, in 2004. There is a Democratic Debate coming up this Thursday. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics are playing out now.

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