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Thursday, October 02, 2003
      ( 12:31 PM )
Nope, Still Not There

This is what it's all about... all the lies, all the leaks, all the dirty tricks. All the hubris of this administration may finally lead to its ultimate destruction. And here is one more straw to add: the big search for WMDs in Iraq has officially come up with nothing.

One possibility was that Iraq may have destroyed
many of its weapons before the 1991 Gulf war. More
weaponry and facilities were destroyed by the UN in
the 1990s, after the war.

However, the ISG's lack of any significant discoveries
so far has undermined the credibility of the US and
British governments, which based their arguments for
an invasion of Iraq on the belief that Saddam's regime
possessed illegal WMDs.

The administration may try to deflect attention away from this story now that people are distracted by the California election and other crimes and misdemeanors coming out of the White House. But the fact remains: George Bush lied, Dick Cheney lied, Colin Powell lied, Condoleeza Rice lied, Donald Rumsfeld lied... there is no one in this administration is not personally culpable or responsible for the lives being lost in Iraq this year. And a note to the administration: don't pretend you were fooled by Saddam playing hide and seek with his WMD's. If you can be fooled by Saddam Hussein then we're all in a LOT of trouble because you sure as hell won't be able to protect us. Get your act together and start making like you're actually leading this country. Or get out. Better yet, just get out.

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