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Friday, October 10, 2003
      ( 3:30 PM )
Poetry Friday

Maru reminded me that today is National Poetry Day in the UK. To mark the holiday, and because it's Friday, I'm in a rhyming mood:

It's hard to ignore the confession
Of a man with such high moral obsession
But my, poor old Rush;
His brains are such mush;
The pills prob'ly helped his profession

Who leaked the i.d. of Ms. Plame?
Who IS the rascal to blame?
Could it be, maybe
That it was Cheney?
Oh that would be SUCH a shame!

I do, however, recognize that the limerick is not a widely-recognized form of "poetry." So I'll conclude with haiku:

Many men have tried
To lie to me about war
But I am too smart

We are ask'd: believe
We are told: it's true, just wait
Faith does not make truth

This fall seems so sad
Next fall will be much more fun
More than leaves will change

And, just to end the day on a high note:

Roses are red
This week was so bad
Thank God it's Friday
I almost went mad

Oh well, I tried. Have a great weekend.

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