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Thursday, November 13, 2003
      ( 9:01 AM )
Just Another Cog in the Wheel

Well - it took a bit longer for me to get back blogging. Our mini holiday was nice, but a bit tinted by the fact that 1/2 hour before I left work on Thursday evening I was told my job wasn't so secure - so that made for a really nice 4 days away, wondering what was going to happen when I got back. It's especially worrying for me since I support the family right now - so my losing my job wouldn't be all that great for us, to say the least. When I got back yesterday I found I did still have a job, just not the job I used to have. I spent all day yesterday being moved to a different floor of the firm, transferred to new bosses and generally undergoing a massive transition on top of the whole inference from management that I should be grateful I even have a job (they didn't even tell the girl I was replacing that I was replacing her so when I went to her to ask about things, she was totally shocked - nice management style). Having been in the "support" services for my entire adult life so far, I'm not surprised when firms treat their employees this way, but it never sits well with me that I and all the others in my same position are viewed as nothing more than bodies filling spaces and no more valuable than the machines we operate (even though we are, and I'd like to see the business world keep running with out us).

So all in all it has been a very pleasant week - not. But I'm settled into my new "workstation" and I'm getting into the swing of things so hopefully my normal rhythm will be back soon. One thing that definitely makes me feel more normal is being back on my blog. So here I am and let the posting begin!

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