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Thursday, November 20, 2003
      ( 1:45 PM )
What Tom Said

This is the point I was going to make, only it's better said by Tom Burka (as usual):

Michael Jackson, charged with molesting a child
under the age of fourteen by authorities in
California today, said only that he was proud to
be able to distract the country from any actual news.

Indeed, the story of Jackson's imminent surrender
to police and Rush Limbaugh's legal problems
took up most of the hour-long Newsnight on CNN,
while coverage of the first state visit to England in
almost 100 years, and a major speech by President
Bush on the war on terrorism, was covered in less
than two minutes.

Of the scant appearance of real news on television,
Rush Limbaugh had this to say: "I didn't launder
money. I made withdrawals of cash."

Hundreds of thousands of British protestors were
featured on news programs for approximately one
second, prompting protestors to reconsider the
manner in which they voice their opposition.

There is a disturbing trend in news coverage in this country. There is absolutely no longer any way that a "liberal bias" can be claimed. No, the bias is sensationalism and crap. The stories of Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson and other non-national, non-actual-news items are drowning out true discussion and reporting of things that are going on, like our soldiers being killed every day in Iraq, the world hating our president in droves and protesting his very stepping onto the land of their countries, or even the fact that in less than a year we will have the opportunity to throw him out of office. But I suppose that's the whole idea: distract the masses with nonesense and the evil ones can play.


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