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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
      ( 8:32 AM )

Today is a proper Oregonian day. Here in the Pacific Northwest we, like the Eskimos with "snow," have 1,000 words for "rain." Today, I wouldn't call it a downpour, no, more like a "steady rain," perhaps a "constant shower." Definitely more than regular "showers" and less than a true "rain." No sunbreaks are expected. In any case, it's coming down steadily, pretty large-size drops, though not necessarily that heavily, along with quite cold temperatures (mid-40's right now) and a dark sky. With that visual picture in mind, imagine my thoughts as I trudged down Portland streets to the hated office building in which I must spend my days, hovering in my raincoat, rain boots and umbrella, when to my surprise I suddenly had to dodge a worker using a leaf blower on the sidewalk. Yes, he was blowing waves of water (and some soaked leaves that weren't molded to the brick sidewalks) along as the rain came down. Now that's what I call work dedication. Or something.

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