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Thursday, December 18, 2003
      ( 9:45 AM )
It Didn't Have to Happen

While no one else seems to be picking up on this story (and I heard it first over the phone from Dad last night around 9pm), it appears that the 9/11 Commission is set to rake the administration over the coals - and for good reason.

For the first time, the chairman of the independent
commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is
saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should
have been prevented, reports CBS News
Correspondent Randall Pinkston.

"This is a very, very important part of history and
we've got to tell it right," said Thomas Kean.

"As you read the report, you're going to have a
pretty clear idea what wasn't done and what
should have been done," he said. "This was not
something that had to happen."

Kean is a republican and former governor of New Jersey. But he and his Commission have been locked in virtual hand-to-hand combat with the White House, trying to get the latter to release its 9/11-related documents to the Commission for review. It looks like the Commission has reached its limit of patience. They plan, starting next month, to air public hearings on 9/11 and bring out evidence that shows that not only could members of this administration worked to prevent it, but that the shoddy management of this administration (by the "CEO President" no less) has left people in charge who should have been canned immediately for failing to do their jobs and protect this country.

Asked whether we should at least know if people
sitting in the decision-making spots on that critical
day are still in those positions, Kean said, "Yes,
the answer is yes. And we will."

Kean promises major revelations in public testimony
beginning next month from top officials in the FBI,
CIA, Defense Department, National Security Agency
and, maybe, President Bush and former President Clinton.

It's too much to ask that heads will roll. But if this is something the administration was hoping to choke to death and keep hidden under the carpet during election year, that may not happen. But the fact that no other news agency is picking up this story makes one thing clear: The media still believes Michael Jackson is way more important than the security of American citizens. And that's another major problem the Commission will have to face in the months to come. Hopefully they can overcome it and this story will become widespread. Hopefully justice will be done. Hopefully.

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