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Friday, January 23, 2004
      ( 2:07 PM )
Blogs on Radio

Blogging the President is having a special 2-hr show on NPR this Sunday. Two hours of the first ever radio blog discussion:

Christopher Lydon will be hosting the first sustained
blog conversation on network radio and you’re all
invited to join in. The purpose is to air out the
internet effects that the political campaign has
suddenly made obvious. We want to encompass
the new voices and communities, the critique of
institutional journalism, the expressive possibilities
beyond politics, the doubts, the hype, and the truth.
Among the guests will be Atrios, Andrew Sullivan,
and many more (a lot of biggies, we'll be updating
the site daily) including you, if you’ll tune in, phone
in, or just blog it as we speak. If this were a political
campaign, which it’s not, the slogan would be
: Take
back the conversation.

Tune in and talk blogs!

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