...I'm okay with being REALITY-based.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004
      ( 1:12 PM )

Nope, not barfing about politics. Barfing for real. The homestead is shrouded in stomach flu this week and I am laid low for a couple of days. Not to worry, I shall be back on my feet and blogging soon. I have turned a new corner in Mamahood this week, the first time my child has been extremely ill - it's scary and frustrating. He lays there like a limp noodle moaning and crying and can't tell me what hurts. I wish only that I could speak baby talk for once! He seems to be coming out of it, thank goodness (though he generously passed it on to me in the process). It's sobering to be a parent for so many reasons. Have to work twice as hard to make it worthwhile, both for the kid and for us. Back soon.

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