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Thursday, February 19, 2004
      ( 3:16 PM )
Please Don't Make Me

vote for Kerry. Please.

It hurt to have to change my Election Helper today. It was not the way I ever thought it would go. But I refuse to stand down and I refuse to give in AGAIN to the bland, status quo, big money democrats who want to keep running this party. Their time is over, and we have to find a way to show them the door.

All you folks who are going to vote on Super Tuesday and the Tuesday After Super Tuesday, please, PLEASE think about voting for John Edwards. This race is still on, and while we don't have the best choices left for our candidate against Bush, there is definitely a difference between the two. Kerry is not the inspiring candidate this party needs and longs for. He may be crowned by the insiders and the media, but we need to prove that we still have the power to change this country through our votes. Don't give into the "electibility" farce. John Edwards can beat Bush by just as much as Kerry can. Electibility isn't the issue anymore in this primary race. Don't go with the same old status quo. Though Edwards isn't a true outsider, he's much less of an insider than Kerry is.

Before I'd heard about Dean, I'd read that Ralph Nader had made a speech recommending John Edwards as the Democratic candidate for president. That perked up my ears and I became very interested in Edwards, especially based on his voting record - at that point. Then came Patriot Act and the Iraq war vote. But we can't choose between a candidate who did and who didn't anymore, so we need to take the whole package. I'd much rather cast my vote for a man who worked his way up from blue collar upbringings to fight corporate interests in the courtroom and who has a strong message of change and pro-working people plans.

My first choice was the truest choice we could have had. Howard Dean brought together not only the young and first-time participants in politics, but the moderate conservatives, the libertarians and the greens who were looking for a candidate who would be accountable only to us, and who would take true change into the White House. I hope that Dean will continue to have a loud voice that cannot be ignored in this party. I know that in every state, the Dean supporters are working to transform their groups into political action committees for their local politics. This can begin to change things from the inside - so that true change can really be seen soon.

But as for this November. As it stands now, I don't know how I will force myself to vote for Kerry if he is the candidate. If it is close and there is a question whether Bush will win, I am ABB all the way. But if I actually have room to choose, it will be very hard for me to pull that lever (or fill in that circle) for Kerry. He's not what this country or the party needs.

If you have a say in the big primaries coming up, please vote Edwards. Show that we have a say still, no matter what the media, the party leaders or the big money says. Edwards may not be our first choice, but by going out for him, we can influence him to carry the torch we lit - at least he gives credit where it's due:

"Howard Dean has brought so much to this
race-not just his ideas and passion for change,
but hundreds of thousands of Americans who
had never participated in a campaign before.
Howard has been a powerful voice for change,
and I share his belief that special interests and
Washington lobbyists have taken over our
government. This is the year for Democrats to
take it back-not for our Party, but for our country.

"Howard Dean has energized and revolutionized
this race, and excited a whole new generation of
young Americans. He deserves our thanks and so
much credit for what he has accomplished. I hope
he continues to offer his ideas, and encourages
millions more to participate in this democracy so
we win back the White House in November."

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