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Wednesday, March 10, 2004
      ( 12:37 PM )
Now THAT'S What I Call Voter Turnout!

Um, evidently in Orange County, California last week, the electronic voting machines registered more votes than there actually are voters in Orange County.

Getting voters to the polls on a normal day isn't easy.
But with the advent of e-voting in Orange County,
California in elections last week, it looks like that's all
changed. With the new electronic terminals, turnout was
far higher than expected - more than 100 per cent in
some districts.

Compared to the local average of about 37 per cent,
it's an impressive figure - but it won't be bringing a smile
to the faces of the Orange County officials.

But it wasn't a computer error - no those beautiful Diebold's are workin' like clocks! It was human error that accounts for more there being more votes than people who actually exist.

It's unlikely that the votes will be recast or recounted
following the polling foul-up. Apparently the winners'
margins are wide enough to factor in the erroneous
voting and still come up with the same results.

Well, THAT'S a relief. For a minute there I was worried it would matter that vote counting was all screwed up. Thankfully, we have technology to depend on - we don't need to worry about wrong votes or even too many votes! It's all good!

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