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Thursday, March 25, 2004
      ( 4:46 PM )
What Are They Thinking??!

NPR has taken Bob Edwards off of Morning Edition. He has been an NPR host for 30 years, and next year would have been his 25th anniversary as Morning Edition host. The website offers no explanation other than he is being replaced. However his letter gives a little more information:

I want to take this opportunity to assure you all that
I will be here at NPR for the long haul. And while this
transition will be difficult for me -- I am leaving a post
that I have loved and have given my heart to -- I look
forward to continuing to be a significant part of NPR
and the amazing program lineup.

MSNBC is more blunt. They explain that Bob has been "forced out" of his job.

Spokeswoman Laura Gross said NPR’s programming
and news management made the change because
they’re trying to refresh all of the network’s broadcasts.

“It’s part of a natural evolution,” she said. “A new
host will bring new ideas and perspectives to the
show. Bob’s voice will still be heard; he’ll still be a
tremendous influence on the show. We just felt it
was time for a change.”

Sure, it makes sense to cut off the most popular host of an NPR program in its history, beloved by all his listeners, and a major reason why most of us listen in the morning. It's very disturbing. And incredibly disappointing.

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