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Thursday, April 29, 2004
      ( 4:33 PM )
1,000 Words

Pictures of the war. You can't look at these and still pretend it's all okay. Let's get real.

Thanks to Michael Miller at Public Domain Progress for the link.

UPDATE on the Horrors of War:
This is not good. Not only are reservists being used in jobs they're not trained for - their lack of training is trickling down into really hideous stuff. It's only going to get worse - for us and for them.

UPDATE 2: Daily Kos has a new post up - the fallout has begun from the 60 Minutes II story - and we have lost the hearts and minds (as if we hadn't long ago). Kos also picks up on something I mentioned several days ago regarding the (accountable-to-no-one) mercs having war criminals among their ranks, including men who participated in assaults on civilians in Northern Ireland and in South Africa.

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