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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
      ( 12:48 PM )
The Hammer Gets Nailed

... by some Texas schoolteachers. This is one of the best blog posts I've ever read (thanks to Blah3 for the link). Check out what happened this week when Tom DeLay showed up to try and convince some teachers that they should give up their retirement pay. Juanita tells it all:

Tom DeLay's appearance at the Rosenberg Civic
Center last weekend to explain teacher retirement
was everything I could have wished for - Tom was
arrogant, rude, patronizing, and I have 400
witnesses to prove it. And then, as if determined
to make this the best day of my entire life, Tom
threatened to have people "removed" and would
not allow the news media into the room.

Thank you, Tom! I owe you a big one, Bub. For
years, everybody thought I was exaggerating
about your rotten attitude until you came to Rosenberg
and made me look like Miss Understatement
Festival Queen.

However, I did think that my fellow audience
members were a little rough on Tom with all their
booing and sardonic laughter. After all, Tom was
slumming by coming to Rosenberg. With
schoolteachers, for Socrates' sake! Schoolteachers
don't have any money and the Rosenberg Civic
Center is certainly a long slide down from the country
club or Haughty's Steak House. I think Tom was
expecting the Mother Teresa Award for Being a
Regular Guy because of this event. But instead,
he got booed. And, worse yet, laughed at. By
mostly women. Hundreds of them.

It restored my faith in sisterhood.

Tom was there to explain to Fort Bend teachers
why he won't let HR 594 come to the House floor
for a vote. Being as how Tom couldn't explain that
without using words to describe himself like mean,
condescending, hateful, and/or money grubbing
egg-sucking-dog elitist in a heap of donkey dump,
he took another route. Instead, he chose to
explain that gypping Texas schoolteachers out of
their full retirement is good for them and wonderful
for the Iraqi rebuilding effort.

It didn't go over well.

Up the teachers!! Read the whole thing. It will make your day.

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