...I'm okay with being REALITY-based.

Friday, May 28, 2004
      ( 3:21 PM )


Last day at this job. God willing, last day as a legal secretary or paralegal. Ever. After 15 years. Last day having to work for lawyers defending souless corporations. Last day having to type someone else's drivel. Last day having to research stupid cases and investigate people's lives and write meaningless letters to people who don't care. Last day having to order someone's clothes from a catalog for them or complain to building management about the bathroom toilet paper. Last day having to sit in a cubicle for 9 hrs. Last day.

In the great tradition of this Mama, some haikus to celebrate:

I'm glad I have a
skill. But because I don't want
to use it, I 'll teach


even if you make
more money than is needed
your dreams will still cling


go on and jump off
what is the use of a cliff
if you will not leap?

Here's to changes, fresh starts and new adventures.

p.s. I know you won't forget, but allow me this moment of Mama-ness: don't forget this Memorial Day weekend that someone died so you could be free. God Bless and catch you next week.

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