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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
      ( 2:40 PM )
Mother Knows Best

Didn't Mama always tell you that? Join the MOB.

The Pen Is Mightier

It's catching fire, so I want to join in. Atrios has published a letter from Terry, formerly of the blog Nitpicker, who is now serving in Afghanistan:


As many of you know, I am currently in the apolitical position of Army public affairs specialist in Afghanistan. I only recently arrived, after waiting for 2.5 months at Ft. Riley, Kansas, but that's another issue. I'm writing you all today because I'm going to take many of you up on your offers and rudely ask a favor of those who made no offer.

When I first mentioned on my blog, Nitpicker, that I was going to be deployed, a large number of you asked how you could help me, what I would need for Afghanistan. The truth is, there's not much. However, I just went on my first mission with a civil affairs group and found a way you might be able to help me out.

It seems that the children of Afghanistan want nothing more than they want a pen.

It was explained to me that the villages through which I traveled (near Kandahar, where I'm based) are so poor that a pen is like a scholarship to these children. They desperately want to learn but, without a pen, they simply won't. It's a long story. I won't bore you with it. Trust me, though, when I say that it would be a big deal if even a few of you could put up the call for pens for me. Anyone interested in helping out could either send some directly to me or go to these sites and send them, where you can find them for as cheap as $.89 a dozen.

You can send them to me at this address:

Terry L. Welch
105th MPAD
Kandahar Public Affairs Office
APO AE 09355

Tom Tomorrow has joined the cause with some more details. I suggest that since thousands of pens will be flooding Terry's office soon, you include paper, crayons, markers, chalk, dry erase boards and other items that could be really helpful to the kids over there.

Come on - do something positive and worthwhile. If you're a teacher, organize your students. If you're a parent, get your kids in on it. Make it a monthly shipment. THIS is what world citizenship is about.

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