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Friday, June 25, 2004
      ( 4:36 PM )
Run, Don't Walk

...to see Farenheit/911. We just got back from the film, and I say without reservation that it is the best film Moore has made. He's getting better and better with each one. I won't give anything away, just say that you NEED to see this movie, and you need to take anyone you think who wouldn't go on their own to see it.

It was respectful and it flowed very smoothly. I can see why Michael Isikoff (of Newsweek) and his ilk are focusing on one part of the film and trying to make a big deal about it (the Saudi and Bin Laden mass exodus after 9/11) and he completely ignores the main bulk and the main point of the documentary.

But Moore got smart. This time (unlike after Bowling for Columbine), he has set up a war room to make immediate response to the lies that will inevitably flow onto mainstream media against this documentary. He'll need it. The organized effort to fight this film will be ugly. But it will fail. Based on my personal anecdotal evidence, this film will sell itself because of its truth, its incredibly well-made content and because of how important it is.

We went to the 1:00 show on a weekday. The theatre had to open two screens and they were both sold out. And when we all poured out of the theater 2 hours later, the 3:30 show already had packed lines waiting. People know the truth is out there. Finally, there's a place to see it.

Go see this film. Now.

UPDATE: Atrios has some good comments after his viewing of it.

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