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Monday, June 21, 2004
      ( 10:07 AM )
Shocking News

Revealed: Bill Clinton is a human being! Actually, I thought the interview was interesting, though as usual, totally obsessed with the Lewinsky thing. I wish he'd talked more (or they'd asked more) about the political things that happened during the 8 years, even his participation in the N.Ireland peace process, which was a great success. Though he listed all the "investigations" and the money spent and how he was exonerated in all of them, I felt the emphasis wasn't enough on that and there should have been more substance to the issue that the whole thing was a sham and a "hunting," as they say.

While there are many things I didn't - and I still don't - agree with Clinton politically and was not happy with, I was struck as I watched the show how he was able to communicate regret and success, and his humanity and his intellect, all very honestly, and how I couldn't imagine ever seeing George W. do the same. That's sad.

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