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Thursday, July 01, 2004
      ( 9:38 PM )

Krugman scores again - this time with a keen review of F/911. It's probably the best I've read on the film so far.

Mr. Moore's greatest strength is a real empathy with working-class Americans that most journalists lack. Having stripped away Mr. Bush's common-man mask, he uses his film to make the case, in a way statistics never could, that Mr. Bush's policies favor a narrow elite at the expense of less fortunate Americans — sometimes, indeed, at the cost of their lives.

In a nation where the affluent rarely serve in the military, Mr. Moore follows Marine recruiters as they trawl the malls of depressed communities, where enlistment is the only way for young men and women to escape poverty. He shows corporate executives at a lavish conference on Iraq, nibbling on canapés and exulting over the profit opportunities, then shows the terrible price paid by the soldiers creating those opportunities.

Krugman names some of the movie's flaws but notes that the point is that is important to get American into this dialogue because the media has not done its job. Whatever the politics of Moore, the one thing he has always been consistent on is his advocacy for the working people of this country. Because it's the working people who are paying the heaviest price for the decisions of the elite.

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