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Friday, July 09, 2004
      ( 9:18 AM )
Dirty, DIRTY Money

Well, we're all glad that Ken Lay has finally been indicted (not that he'll ever see the inside of a prison cell - or a life sentence of hard labor, which is what he deserves). But Greg Palast points out what no one else will. It wasn't just Lay who benefitted from stealing millions from unsuspecting, hard working retirees. Nope, those nifty millions found their way to the pockets of the very people who are now demanding those same retirees sacrifice their own sons and daughters in a desert of lie-based warfare.

Ken Lay and his Enron team are the Number One political career donors to George W. Bush. Mr. Lay and his Mrs., with no money to pay back bilked creditors, still managed to personally put up $100,000 for George's inaugural Ball plus $793,110 for personal donations to Republicans. Lay's Enron team dropped $4.2 million into the party that let Enron party.

OK now, Mr. President, give it back - the millions stuffed in the pockets of the Republican campaign kitty stolen from his Enron retirees.

And what else did Ken Lay buy with the money stolen from California electricity customers? Answer: the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Just before George Bush moved to Washington, Kenny-Boy handed his hand-picked president-to-be the name of the man Ken wanted as Chairman of the commission charged with investigating Enron's thievery. In a heartbeat, George Bush appointed Ken's boy, Pat Wood.

Think about that: the criminal gets to pick the police chief. Well, George, give it back. Dump Wood and end the "de-criminalization" of electricity price-gouging that you and Cheney and Wood laughably call "de-regulation." Give us back the government Lay bought with crime cash.


When I worked as a racketeering investigator for government, nothing was spared, including houses bought with purloined loot. Let there be no exception here. It's time to tape up the White House gate and hang the sign: "Crime Scene: Property to be Confiscated. Vacate Premises Immediately."

Have we ever had such a criminal administration? And we thought Nixon was bad...

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