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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
      ( 7:09 AM )
Shhhhhh....Don't Say a Word, or You Might be Arrested...

In this recent wave of censorship and Farenheit 425 efforts by the government, after Whoopi loses her job, Linda Rondstadt loses hers, a couple gets arrested for their t-shirts -- now Doonsebury has been banned from 38 newspapers. One of the papers isn't taking it sitting down:

Mr. Wilkerson:

All of my editors met with me this morning and to a man, and woman, we objected to a newspaper organization censoring opinion by plebiscite. I am in thorough agreement with my editors, and strongly object to an obviously political effort to silence a minority point of view. For years, my New Deal father bore the opposition views of Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks, and I believe he would have fought an effort to silence them by a simple majority vote. This is wrong, offensive to First Amendment freedoms.

H. Brandt Ayers
The Anniston Star

Americans need to start fighting back - especially when business and corporate interests are the ones making the decisions about free speech and our civil liberties. Oligarchy is not the future of this country if we don't let it, but if we remain silent and do nothing, corporations and business interests will soon enjoy all the rights that humans used to, and humans will be reduced to robotic servants of the system. It's a long road back, but we've got to start walking now, or soon it will be too late.

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