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Monday, August 16, 2004
      ( 1:02 PM )
I Missed the Party!

Boy, imagine my surprise when I returned from a weekend away from my computer to 17 comments on that last post - and what a 'discussion'! I think The Vet said it all in the end - when it comes to these circular arguments about Kerry's service in Vietnam, the ultimate issue is that he volunteered TWICE to be there. Where was George W. Bush? Then I think the argument can be taken further. John Kerry went on to be a public prosecutor and lt. Governor then on into the Senate where he took the thankless jobs of investigating the Iran-Contra criminals, the BCCI debacle, and looking into the ultimate fate of US POWs in Vietnam (which he did in partnership with John McCain). What was George W. Bush doing during those years?

Give me a break. These constant arguments about Kerry's service in Vietnam are only to distract from a) the fact that George W. Bush's "military" record is a far cry from Kerry's and b) the ISSUES of this election!!

I personally am not convinced Kerry needs any conservative votes - I think that if we can just get Democrats out to vote, we win. There are more democratic voters in this country and in fact, even if we got the same votes as last time, minus Ralph Nader (who, let's face it, is NOT going to affect this election like in 2000), we win. Kerry is ahead in some major swing states, including Florida and Michigan. The ultimate truth is that if people honestly examine the condition this country is in, the relationships we have destroyed with other countries, the economic and job losses, the crippling growth of the deficit and national debt, and the increased possibility that we are more susceptible to terrorist attack than ever before, I frankly can't see how someone could decide to stick with the current team. Steady leadership? What exactly has their leadership done for us? This is the only question people need to ask themselves to be convinced that a new team of people who have proven their desire to work for the people of this country is needed in the Exectuive Branch.

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