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Thursday, September 30, 2004
      ( 8:47 PM )

Score a big one for Kerry. Beautiful wiping of the floor with the Resident.

Wasn't Bush supposed to be more prepared than that? My impression was that he didn't want to be there, he thinks we're all idiots, he's happy in his little happy world where everything is wonderful, and his entire demeanor was that engaging with Kerry and the American public was beneath him. Bush had to play defense the whole time - this is a referendum on his presidency and the truth was loud and clear - he's screwed it up and doesn't deserve a second chance.

If you were watching CSPAN, you also may have noted that as soon as Bush left the stage and Kerry was still there, the crowd burst out in massive applause and cheering for him. Nice.

Kerry in a landslide.

p.s. Because Kerry did so well tonight, I think I'll start taking bets on whether we'll get a nice, juicy terror alert from Tom Ridge tomorrow. Any takers?

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