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Thursday, September 16, 2004
      ( 10:32 AM )
News from the (Election) Front

The Bush campaign machine doesn't really care about Americans. You're shocked, I know.

Back in February, FoxNews reported that President Bush acknowledged the troublesome job market:

"There are still some people looking for work because of the recession. There are people looking for work because jobs have gone overseas. And we need to act in this country. We need to act to make sure there are more jobs at home, and people are more likely to retain a job," Bush said.

Apparently the RNC hasn't taken Bush's words to heart. Last Friday, Robert X. Cringely wrote in a column in InfoWorld:
It seems the Republican National Committee is such a staunch believer in outsourcing that it used a firm in Maharashtra, India, to create its database of approximately 165 million registered voters.

For the record: The Dems’ voter database was developed by a company, Plus Three, based in a distant suburb of New Delhi, India, called Washington, D.C.

One detail Cringley missed: The DNC's voter database is also bigger than the RNC's — by a margin equal to the population of another distant New Dehli suburb called New York City.

Wonder why Bush doesn't want Americans to work for him?

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