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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
      ( 10:15 AM )
It's a Battle of the Bands... Veeps!

We have a political blackhole occuring here in our very state this week. Today, John Edwards is in Portland holding a town hall meeting and then a fundraiser before he jets off at 5pm this evening. Of course, for most Portlanders, all this really means is they have to leave their houses 1 hour early to negotiate the traffic that will stopped on the only two freeways we have, which will most likely be stopped in order to allow the motorcade to pass unmolested. This is only the first visit by Edwards.

But Dick Cheney is making Oregon a regular habit. After visiting Pendleton ("friendly territory") a few weeks ago, he is now scheduled to appear on Friday in Eugene, of all places. I'm not sure what advisor mentioned to him that Eugene would be a fabulous place to conduct one of his loyalty-oath meetings, but this is bound to bring out the little boys in black with their molotov cocktails.

Jack has given the travel alert, and I suggest all Oregonians contemplate this advisory. My guess is that this is one event horizon that will be better watched from the comfort of your own home. Unless, of course you can actually get in to the Cheney event and manage to get dragged out by your hair in full view of the tv cameras. That might be fun enough to be worth the trouble.

P.S. if you're concerned about the purple-ness that Oregon appears to be sporting, skip over to Blue Oregon and calm yourself.

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