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Friday, September 03, 2004
      ( 9:13 AM )
Hostage Crisis Over

What a horrifing two days in Russia. I can't imagine what that was like for the survivors and as a mama and a new teacher, I'm just shaken with grief for the children and parents and teachers who have been killed and injured. So far, they are predicting 150 dead after the school was raided. Some of the hostage takers escaped (I hope they are quickly found). Children were shot by the terrorists as were women teachers. They did not get food OR water for two days. This crisis and horrible situation is far worse than Columbine or anything that has happened in an American school. I pray for that town and for the people of Russia AND Chechnya.

Terrorism and horrors have always existed in human history. Only now, the weapons are so deadly and the media so immediate. In the brotherhood of man, I cannot imagine why we do not reach out to the world instead of isolate ourselves from it. I do not see resolution to this kind of inhumanity until those with power lead the way in restoring humanity to those who most miss it.

Most of all, I just pray the surviving children will somehow survive in their hearts and minds after this.

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