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Sunday, August 29, 2004
      ( 5:39 PM )
America Speaks Out

An incredibly diverse crowd of over 250,000 Americans gathered on Sunday to tell their fellow citizens that they believe George W. Bush has harmed our country and that they will do everything they can to get him out of office in November. They have been extremely creative and forceful with their messages. And they have shown the power of massive numbers of citizens in nonviolent protest against a presidency that more resembles a plutocracy run by a demagogue. Here are some great pics of the protestors.

Shouldn't it say SOMETHING that hundreds of thousands of people feel the necessity to protest the GOP this week and there was hardly a peep in Boston last month? What thinking delegates to this convention must consider is this: why are so many Americans against my party? What can I do to make my party right again? I think we can all agree that leaders like Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Hastert and Frist are not the answer. Then again, why think when you can be scared all the time and just look up to your strong, powerful, God-fearin' leaders for guidance?


UPDATE: UFPJ (United for Peace & Justice - the sponsors of the march) had a time-lapse camera set up to help get an accurate count and they've estimated over 400,000 marchers. Read lots more from people who were there, look at pics and much more protest goodness over at Kos here and here.

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