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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
      ( 2:50 PM )
News Flash

John Kerry will be on The Daily Show tonight. I think his choice of televised interview show speaks more to the state of the news media than to anything else. The fact that Jon Stewart's fake news show tells the truth and gives the facts more clearly than any other news outlet is pretty funny sad.

Q: Why are you having Kerry go on "The Daily Show" for his first national TV interview since Swifties for Bush went on the attack, instead of a traditional news show?

A: How would that help us?


...we spoke to "Daily Show" executive producer Ben Karlin, a charming man who did not take offense at our questions and who promised that the Comedy Central program would try especially hard to resemble an actual TV news show tonight during its Kerry encounter.

"We're going to focus exclusively on events of 30 years or more ago . . . and not on anything relevant to anything beyond 1964," Karlin said.

(thanks to maru for the heads-up)

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