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Thursday, August 19, 2004
      ( 10:48 AM )
Just Not Important?

Nobody seems to care in the press or media - but 41 US and 4 Coalition members have been killed in the last 19 days. The casualty figures for August 2004 are horrifying. Almost 50 lives lost in little over half a month - a rate of over 2.5 killed per day. That's not counting the massive injuries and those who may die later after they are evacuated out of Iraq. And it's also not counting the tens or possibly 100's of Iraqi lives that have been lost in this recent seige or the daily violence that continues in their country.

These young people whose lives are lost and whose families are forever altered - they have died for what? Yet, news of this month's casualty rate, or anything about the people that have been lost doesn't seem to be important enough for the American people to know. Why?

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