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Friday, August 20, 2004
      ( 3:02 PM )
It Seems To Me

I saw a brief interview with Max Clelland on one of the "shows" yesterday and he said something that I think deserves repeating. I will paraphrase and put it into my own words because I agree with his observation. It appears that Bush, Cheney and Rove are pitting veterans against each other while they sit back and ride the wave of divisiveness. Neither Bush or Cheney served this country in any honorable way and yet they have managed to put veterans who did serve in positions where they are fighting each other and thus, they are succeeding in once again distracting the American public from the issues. I think Kerry was right to bring it back to Bush's doorstep. If Bush wants to compare service records, then fine, go for it. But it is despicable that he sit back while men who all did more than he did during the Vietnam war set out against John Kerry and John Kerry have to defend himself and fight back. Meanwhile Bush once again takes the lazy way out, letting others do the fighting for him.

There are so many dishonorable things about this administration, that this new one doesn't even seem to make as much of a dent. But how many straws will it take to topple the camel? I just simply can't understand why people continue to support a president who has done nothing but waste away America's potential, both domestically and internationally... who sits calmly while we creep towards the unholy hallmark of 1,000 combat deaths in Iraq, and who doesn't care to engage the American public in any sort of REAL discussion about the issues that matter to them in this election. Surely people must see that keeping this administration is by far the worse option there is out there. Surely.

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