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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
      ( 9:05 PM )
Review in the Quick

Here is Mama's quick and dirty review of the convention so far:

Guiliani: "I will not constantly exploit 9/11"

McCain: phoned it in.

Twins: yikes.

The Mrs.: yawn.

Ahnold: lying and misleading never done better - always get the actor on board.
Zell: beyond frightening - what a scary, bitter guy. Atrios sums it up best:

Wow, I never thought Zell would be able to improve on the original German version of Pat Buchanan's '92 speech, but he did.

Cheney: "aaahhh, my minions..." while he was doing his tired "flip flop" speech, did he forget his own boss did the major flip flop just yesterday? It must be nice to live in La La Land.

Check out the Kos threads for some great reviews.

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