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Friday, September 03, 2004
      ( 9:37 AM )

The tv and Reuters are reporting that Bill Clinton has been admitted to the hospital today for quadrupal bypass surgery. This is not good for anyone - any kind of heart surgery always carries risks. Luckily, doctors have become very good at this, and I'm sure Clinton will get the best. I hope he does okay during the surgery and that he recovers well and quickly. He is a hero and beloved to many people, so I'm sure many prayers will be said on his behalf (despite Republican claims that democrats are all atheist god-haters). Health to you, Mr. President.

Check in on the thread at Kos for updates, comments and salutes to the Big Dog. Also, it is now out that Clinton actually had a heart attack. And Wolfe Blitzer actually did a mea culpa just now on CNN (rare - check it out on the Kos thread)

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