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Friday, October 29, 2004
      ( 9:28 AM )
Not What You Thought

It turns out that the October Surprise is .... (drumroll)...

The Truth.

We were all worried that Rove would pull something out of his hat so horrendous that we would be sucked into the vortex of evil that would predict some inevitable win for Bush.


Instead, the last two weeks have brought little relevations and mounting evidence that the Truth is the surprise and the Truth will win the day. Just a taste of how this October Surprise is working out: It has been revealed that the Administration did not secure massive amounts of explosives when we invaded - explosives which were looted and are now being used to kill our troops. It has been revealed that Bush planned to go to war in Iraq even before he became president - he wanted his very own Grendada, evidently. And, at least ONE MONTH before he invaded Iraq, Halliburton was in on meetings about awarding post-war contracts...BEFORE the war, Cheney's company was planning with the administration to steal money from taxpayers.

Oh, and by the way -- the courts are wise to the Republicans' suppression efforts. We're ready for you this year.


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