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Sunday, October 17, 2004
      ( 2:34 PM )
My Vote has ALREADY Counted.

Here in Oregon, we have vote by mail (fill-in the bubble,scan type ballots). So not only do we have guaranteed paper ballots for recounts, but we have already received our ballots and we can turn them in now. In fact, Oregon keeps track of who has already voted so that GOTV efforts can focus themselves. For example, by voting early, Democrats can help GOTV groups like the DNC, Planned Parenthood and others to narrow their efforts because they won't have to waste a call or canvassing visit on the Dems who have already voted.

More than anything, I felt this ballot was the most crucial I have ever filled out. I actually felt my vote would count, and virtually every bubble I filled in was terribly important. On my ballot, I voted for my President, my Vice President, my Senator, my US Congressman, my Mayor, my City Council representative, and my State Senator and my Secretary of State (second most powerful position in Oregon). I voted against changing the state Constitution to ban gay marriage, I voted for a local tax that will prevent Portland schools from closing 6 weeks early and the laying off of 700 teachers next spring, and I told corporate insurance companies to go screw themselves and not me.

See that little boy over there in the picture at the top of the sidebar? I voted for him. For his future. For the survival of his generation. That's our job this election - to save the world for them. Too hyperbolic? I used to think so. Not anymore.

It matters. Vote. If you can, VOTE EARLY. And once you vote early, get every single person you know to vote. Your citizenship has never been more important than now. VOTE!!

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