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Saturday, October 09, 2004
      ( 9:22 AM )
In the Bag

Well, of course I didn't need to be convinced, but if anyone else did need to be convinced, I don't see why last night didn't do it for them. If you didn't see the debate, please watch a repeat on CSPAN - it's worth seeing the candidates interact in the town hall format. Bush seemed barely able to contain his anger and disdain. Kerry managed to remember the name of a questioner and refer to her personally more than half an hour after she'd asked her question. Bush didn't know his armpit from his shoe tassle when it came to the domestic issues. Kerry tried to explain that things aren't simply black and white, but Bush just didn't get it. I especially appreciated Kerry's answer about abortion and his clarifcation of the "partial birth" abortion vote. I also appreciated his comfort with answering all styles of questions, even when they appeared to be attack questions. Bush on the other hand looked about ready to batter the head of that poor fellow who asked why we can't get good drugs imported from Canada.

Look to Kos for great post-debate figures, discussions and even a link to Keith Obermann's scoring debut. But for the funniest play-by-play, check out the effervescent Wonkette.

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