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Thursday, November 04, 2004
      ( 5:40 AM )
Reconciliation & Retreat are Not an Option

Some thoughts...because it's my blog, and I can.

I am stunned at the breadth of willful ignorance in this country. There is no possible way to bridge a gap between people who think and people who simply believe lies and are okay with that. I had an incredibly busy day yesterday and so I sort of went through the motions and then finally on my way home in the car and when I got home around 9pm last night, I just sobbed. I think I may be moving past my grief stage right in to my pissed-off stage. I'm still in some shock though - I want to understand why this happened, but I know there is no understanding people who are confidently ignorant and happily biggoted, who choose fear and hatred over understanding and humanity. There is no reconciliation with ignorance. Retreat is not an option.

I will be making conscious decisions from now on to resist and refuse at every opportunity and to raise my child with an oppositional viewpoint. He will be nearly 7 by the time we get a new regime, if we aren't in for 12 years of this (which is highly possible, depending on what fascist rules are enforced). I am done with giving the benefit of the doubt to anyone who supports these people. Half of this nation chose to vote against their own human interests, the rights of their fellow citizens and the very lives of innocent people around the world. They told the rest of the world to f!#k off and sent the message that it's okay with a majority of this country if millions of people are murdered in our name. I feel so incredibly marginalized by my own country. I am not represented by any branch of the government, and I and my family will only be hurt by its laws. I am willing to stay and fight these next four years, but if it continues on and this nation is willing to continue under these people's rule, I will not allow my son to be drafted or educated by a system whose only purpose is to kill him to make themselves richer.

I was willing to support John Kerry while he was the only option. But I will not agree to his hollow calls for "unity" and I will not support his generation of democrats any longer, no matter what. Progressives of this country are not about trying to please those who are stuck in the middle ages in their world view and prejudices. Progressives are about change, are about moving this nation forward into a more humane and more equitable future for everyone. If even one democrat in congress goes along with any of the Bush gang's schemes, they are dead to me. No second chances anymore, no more working along to get along. There is nothing this regime will do to help the working people of this country, and we know it. There is nothing this regime will do to help the children of this country or the hungry or the poor or those who dissent. This is no longer a cooperation game. This is an opposition game. Choose your side now. Either we move forward and become humane leaders of this world, or we sink into an isolated, biggoted soft fascism that feeds upon its own hollow hungers until it destroys itself.

I've made my choice.

UPDATE: Oh, someone actually agrees with me.

Katrina vanden Heuvel says it too: Stand and Fight.

Open your eyes to reality. It's time for you to choose.

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