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Monday, December 06, 2004
      ( 11:09 AM )
Revolution, Oregon Style

Oregon dems aren't waiting around for change, they're making it happen. In anticipation of hoping to install Howard Dean as the Party Chair, a Dean volunteer (whom I know and think is great) has unseated the longtime state dem chair.

Howard Dean hasn't yet started his campaign for DNC Chair, but already his supporters appear to be gearing up to make it happen. This weekend, long-time DNC Committeewoman Mary Botkin was unseated by active party volunteer Jenny Greenleaf, who had been active in the Dean campaign.

Botkin, who served a decade as chair of the DNC's women's caucus, helps lead Oregon's AFSCME union - and had been widely considered to be a shoo-in. Instead, Greenleaf won by a wide margin. The two candidates used the progressive website BlueOregon.com to campaign for the seat.

It's unclear at this time how many other campaigns are underway by hardcore Dean supporters to take over voting seats at the DNC.

Jenny is a fantastic political spirit and I'm not surprised at all by this change here in Oregon. Blue Oregon carried Jenny's platform, and it's no wonder she won.

Hopefully other state grassroots movements are taking shape and planning to install new blood in the party in the coming months. If there's going to be true root-and-branch change to this party, and if progressive ideals and action-oriented leaders are to come to the forefront, it's just this kind of local-level change that needs to take place. From a foundation of grassroots local leaders like is happening here in Oregon, the party can only transform into a better, more meaningful organization that represents the whole of this country and the best of who we are.

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