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Friday, January 21, 2005
      ( 11:16 AM )
Friday Vocab Word

I'm introducing a new feature for 2005: the Friday Vocab Word. (don't worry, we'll still get Haiku Friday sometimes). Since I'm a teacher now, I thought I'd combine my worlds and offer some end-of-the-week mini-lessons. You might be shocked at how you were able to live without certain words operating as commonplace in your vocabulary. Perhaps you'll be better able to define the world around you. You just never know how a new word can make your life better!

As you may have noted, I completely ignored what was going on in DC yesterday - both on my blog and in my daily life. I thought about doing some big protest moves, etc - but then I thought, "you know, these people don't deserve my attention as they spend millions partying it up while people die because of them." The $40 million they spent on their party could have paid for something like 200 fully armored humvees for the troops. But who knows how to spend money better than the robber barons? Anwyay, in celebration of yesterday's events, I offer the first Friday Vocab Word:

Facism: a system of government characterized by rigid one-party leadership or dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition through terror and/or censorship, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism.

Use it in a sentence this week. Perhaps while you're describing the inaugural address.

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