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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
      ( 2:11 PM )
Our Responsibility

We can't just talk a game of caring for our fellow human beings and not be consistent about our actions. The outpouring of help from people for those devastated in Southeast Asia this month has been heartening. Yet, even now, people are starving and dying, being raped and disappeared all over the Sudan - in numbers 5 times that of those in Southeast Asia. Children are still being kidnapped and put into service as soldiers and killers. Young boys are now the 3rd biggest export from Afghanistan (behind opium and body parts). Children and women are being taken and put into slavery from eastern european countries regularly. Indigenous peoples are struggling for their rights and to survive all across Latin and South America. We have more than we need. I feel compelled that we can give more than we do. I and my family have committed to regular, monthly gifts to Mercy Corps, which does incredible work around the world in care of people - we will give as we can now and increase as our family income may grow. It's a committment that is important. I can't just be disgusted at injustice. I must contribute to its defeat. I have moved the links to relief agencies and made them permanent on my sidebar. It's important that I practice what I preach. I wish our government did the same.

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