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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
      ( 9:14 AM )
Agenda Guessing

I often confound myself trying to come up with logical reasons why Bush makes the decisions he does. I don't know why I keep thinking there is an actual reason that makes sense behind his choices. It is perhaps my psyche trying to Keep Hope Alive.

Anyway, this recent nomination of John Bolton to be UN Ambassador is the more bizarre of these decisions. Even if Bush wants to flip off the UN and make his ongoing claim that "we don't need anyone's permission to bomb the hell out of anyone we want to," still - at a time when he is obviously considering further moves into the Middle East quagmire (Iran), he strategically needs allies and money and resources. Yet by nominating the worst possible person to represent us at the UN, he is totally putting at risk even the possibility we might be able to get some of that help from UN members.

This is the guy we're sending to not only represent us but who will have to ask for help when the crap once again hits the fan:

Bolton drew fire from Democrats in 1994 when he said at a Federalist Society forum that "there is no such thing as the United Nations."

"If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference," he said.

Several officials from U.N. Security Council member states expressed astonishment that Bush would name someone they believed had a known antipathy toward the United Nations, according to a Reuters report.

But he's a Bush confidant, one of the top neocons around. So some in the UN think maybe this is a direct line to Bush. When will the UN stop cowtowing? I'm not sure. Probably when they finally figure out they should probably move their offices to Geneva and just get the hell out here.

So the latest in another line of just really awful nominations:

- Porter Goss as head of CIA - the guy who hates the CIA

- John Negroponte as head of combined intelligence - the guy who used US intelligence to empower the mass murders and disappearances in Central America in the 80's

- Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State - the person who dissed all our allies for 4 years, lied to the American public, was completely ineffective as a Security Advisor, not to mention head of the Iraq War (remember she was in charge of that?).

- Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General (supposedly the "People's Attorney") - the guy who told Bush he was above the law and that we could torture people if we wanted to

- and of course, he wants Antonin Scalia to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - the guy who not only has enormous conflicts of interest in his relationship with the Executive Branch, but also believes that the government's power derives from God. Hello?

Just a few. Obviously there is a neocon power grab at play and the agenda is all about the PNAC agenda. But isn't there a point where you have to actually look at reality and make some choices that are actually GOOD for the American people? Oh, excuse me, I forgot who I was dealing with here. Is there anyone left who actually still believes in a Constitutional Democracy... Constitutional Supremacy? Anyone? Anyone?

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