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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
      ( 7:49 AM )
Weapons of Mass Deception

This administration is so good at this, it's no wonder that no one has caught on very quickly - especially the corporate-driven press. Do you think that George Bush would have boot-scooted his arse back to DC for a midnight bill signing (which, by the way, he could have easily signed in Texas - he's the president, for God's sake) if it were a bill to grant immediate and full health benefits to all the people in the country who are dying because they can't afford hospital care, or all the children who are getting sick and will die soon because they can't get enough food, or all the veterans who are returning home to little to no benefits or income for their families? Do you think that Congress would have called an all-night session to make sure that elderly folks don't have to choose between prescription medicine and a stocked refrigerator, or to pass a bill that ensures all schools as much money to support all of America's children's education as the Pentagon gets to spend on bombs and land mines?

A look through the newspaper this morning tells me that no one is concerned about the continuing free fall of the dollar, the expanding gap of the deficit (budget AND trade), the massive debt of Americans and our country - and of course a president that wants to borrow even MORE to dismantle the one working social insurance program we have. Let's not mention the House of Representatives and its Majority Leader being an ethical and legal mockery of all that it is supposed to stand for. With the fantastic state our country is in, no wonder the Bushies are so energetic to dance and shout and make glitzy moves to grant one couple rights that none of the rest of us have. Smacking of tyrany and ignoring the Constitution, the Republican Congressional leaders and the President have made a joke of the judicial system, exploited one family's struggle, and successfully distracted the entire country from their continuing failure to lead us into a more sustainable democracy and economy.

Oh, and did anyone notice that kids are dead and injured from the biggest school shooting since Columbine? (Of course, it happened on a Reservation, so what does the government care about poor Indian kids - that would be a massive break with history!)

Instead, the corruption-ridden Republican leadership in Congress rush to solidify their religious right base and gain political "capital" for the 2006 elections (where they will no doubt run campaign ads that say something to the effect of "Do you really want to vote for someone who wanted to KILL Terri Schiavo?"), and have made a mockery of their role in the government and of the very private struggle one family is dealing with. That the Schindlers have allowed themselves to be come political tools is sad, but what is worse is that our leaders have been willng to use them for their own political ends.

When will America's eyes open?

UPDATE: Oh, how could I forget to mention the fact that the media upheaval and Congress' unconstitutional actions last weekend conveniently pushed out of the headlines the fact that it was the 2nd anniversary of our bombing and invasion of Iraq. The rest of the world hasn't forgotten. But we're still wrapped up in ourselves and closing our eyes to the things we should be paying attention to.

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