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Thursday, August 25, 2005
      ( 6:31 AM )
Actual News...whaa???

Keith Olbermann appears to be the only guy on cable news willing to actually report NEWS. Interesting how this former ESPN anchor (the best one ever - I actually watched SportsCenter religiously when he was on it) seems to be the only one who will actually report the truth behind the glam that the other cable "news" reporters refuse to look at.

Last night, Olbermann revealed that the group who is setting up the Anti-Cindy protests in Cindy Sheehan's hometown, "Move America Forward," is not actually a grassroots group of people fed up with liberal anti-war activities. Oh no, it was set up by a PR firm in California with money from the Republican Party. The transcripts aren't up yet from yesterday, but as soon as they are, I'm betting this will be something that the progressives are going to want to spread far and wide. This whole idea that these media efforts are "grassroots" from the right is ludicrous. We've always known it, but finally someone in Big Media is willing to take them on.

Of course, just for taking on Limbaugh in the mainstream, Olbermann has my love forever. From Olbermann's blog:

Understand this about Limbaugh. He doesn’t believe half the junk he spouts. I’ve met him, and had pleasant enough conversations with him, twice - at the 1980 World Series when he was still a mid-level baseball flunky with a funny name, and once in the mid ‘90s at ESPN when he was just beginning his campaign to get a toehold there. He is a quiet, almost colorless man who, if he could be guaranteed similar success in sportscasting, would sell out the sheep who follow his every word - and would do it before close of business today.

Maybe one day truth will actually be the standard for what goes out over the news airwaves. Maybe one day.

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