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Monday, October 17, 2005
      ( 6:15 AM )
Autumn's Here...time to screw the old folks

Well, as of today, the new bankruptcy bill takes effect - a law that will cripple thousands of elderly folks and innocent families or individuals who find themselves trapped by the incredibly inflated medical bills they have to pay that they didn't expect, or because of divorce or unforseen problems (like having to buy gas or pay heating bills this winter). For a clear look at the bill itself, go back and read the analysis on Daily Kos from several months ago. This bill was designed by and passed entirely for the benefit of the Credit Card Companies. These companies are holding Americans hostage with their ability to manipulate credit ratings and interest rates. If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the Frontline episode on the Credit Card - it's replayed quite often. My own grandmother declared bankruptcy this last spring because we knew this bill was coming down the pike and because of bills that had piled up on her, her Social Security wasn't going to support her any longer. Is she a drain on society simply because she's 84 and despite working for the state and county for decades, raising six children who have all become successful, contributory citizens, and living off the land by raising almost all her own food - she's had to file bankruptcy? Do people like my grandma deserve to have no protections, no help after all they've given, all they've lived? George Bush thinks so.

In addition, in November, the new Medicare Act will go into effect. This is the law that was passed by the Republican leadership doing the grossly slimy act of first only giving Congressmen a few hours to read the entire thing, and then keeping the vote open until they twisted enough arms to get it passed. This bill was constructed by and passed for the Pharmaceutical Companies (Thank you, Bill Frist). It does not allow medicare to bargain for prescription prices, and it creates an entirely new beaurocracy that our retirees have to navigate all anew. One of our most beneficial and best working social security nets, Medicare, is being stripped by the thieves in Washington, and it's our grandparents who will first pay -- then us.

The worst part of these laws that are going into effect are the Democrats who voted for them. It is so disgusting to me how Dems have just gone along with this administration in so many pieces of legislation that are out there just to rob us and hurt us. The old argument "oh, well reform was needed and this was better than nothing" does not fly. If you are there to work for us as the people you represent, then you don't settle for something that's simply better than nothing, especially if it's NOT better than no changes. We've been screwed by people who claim to stand for the populist voice. Dem voters have GOT to have the backbone that our legislators do not. We've got to show them that we will not stand for them to remain in office if they can't truly be an opposition party that offers alternatives and refuses to go along with the schemes of an administration whose true stripes have so clearly shown for years.

The implosion of the Bush White House will bring no satisfaction if our Democrat representatives can't offer leadership, fresh ideas and promises to change these laws back to ones that support the PEOPLE of this country and not the corporations that are sucking us dry. It's far past time for the Dems to step up to the plate. Maybe they will surprise us and pull off a White Sox-style win this autumn and show us some backbone. I'm not holding my breath. And because of that, I'm willing to vote against any Dem who doesn't show me he or she is not willing to compromise the needs of the citizens they represent.

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