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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
      ( 1:02 PM )

Well, that was a bit longer of a break than I expected it to be. I never thought I'd be away for 6 months - but my first year of teaching high school did its best to kick my arse. I triumphed, however, and am proud to say that I am not only happy to be teaching high school social studies, I'm not too bad at it either. It's been a long 3 years with grad school and starting teaching. But I feel like I've reached "young veteran" status now, and am really looking forward to this coming year. One of the best parts of teaching is the summer vacation gig. Which now, after 2 1/2 weeks in Ireland and then a week hanging with my best girlfriend of 20 years, I am now enjoying to the fullest.

It's strange coming back to blogging after 6 months. the Blog world has changed a lot - but then again, not so much. I of course read blogs, I just didn't blog myself. Now it's like starting over, since probably no one comes here to read anymore. I'll be making the rounds of my blog pals and saying hi. It has really been something I've missed doing. My blog is more of a venting resource, and I think that's enough reason to blog.

In the last six months, things have only gotten worse. It was as if all the things we've been talking about and examining the last 5 years have gone into overdrive. The escalation of bad stuff coming out of the US government and the bad karma its producing around the world is really amazing. Having just seen it all from the European viewpoint while on holiday, it's truly bizarre to come back to the fishbowl that is the U.S. right now. More on that later.

Hope anyone who catches this is doing well.

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