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Thursday, August 17, 2006
      ( 8:54 AM )
Oregon - You can Do Better!

Today Sadly, No! points us to a 50-state survey on GW Bush's approval ratings taken this week. Overall, the average points to a 38% approval rating. A bit higher than other recent polls. However, like Sadly notes about his own state, I'm disturbed (or at least bemused) by the fact that Oregon rates at a 33% Approval. What's going on, Oregon? I realize the Eastern and Southern part of the state are being slowly invaded by all the California yokels who just don't want to live around so many brown people, but really - can't we still claim a higher (and more diverse) population in the West of the state? What happened to Little Beirut?

I challenge all my blue Oregonians: bring those numbers DOWN!! Oregon should not only be leading the way in biodiesel, we should also be leading the way in the low, Low, LOW approval ratings for this failure of an administration. Shouldn't we at least have him in the 20's? I mean, for crying out loud. What is it going to take - what more could he do...wait, never mind.

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