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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
      ( 12:49 PM )
Down and Dirty

Yes, it's been a month since I blogged. I've been watching each day as the events leading up to this election have blossomed into the major FUBAR situation that is bound to happen next tuesday with some dismay, and also some resignation. It's been a long, drawn out election for me as a government teacher because I've had my students examining the Oregon ballot and voting themselves while also learning about the electoral process - both nationally and locally.

The one issue added to the curriculum this year is the electronic voting. They've read Robert Kennedy's article in Rolling Stone, and they've watched several NOW episodes about voting machines. Lou Dobbs also did a great segment of CNN's "Broken Government" series on the voting machines. What's scaring me is Karl Rove's continued insistence that he knows stuff the rest of us don't know... is that to make Republicans look good in the face of increasing opposition, or does he truly know some nefarious information and is setting the public up to feed us a bunch of crock when the election gets fixed?

The polls are looking pretty amazing, but this year, 2006, I refuse to hope. I've hoped before. I am going to remain a neutral observer and see what happens. Of course that's actually a lie...I'm going to hope no matter what. I always do: I'm a progressive! I'm all about hope!

Six days and counting.

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