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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
      ( 8:49 AM )
Did She Actually SAY That?
Condoleeza Rice is getting scarier. Even more so since it's quite obvious she actually believes the things she is saying and not just spouting them out to save her job. On NPR this morning, in an interview with conservative-talk-show-host-wannabe-disguised-as-journalist Juan Williams, she actually said that people who protest the war are helping Saddam Hussein, even if they don't mean to. So on goes the propaganda. Dan Ellsberg, where are you?

Freedom Fools
This is disgusting - especially since it's being reported worldwide. At first I thought it was a joke - you know, a little Capital Hill pre-war humor. But alas, no such thing exists, and the GOP is actually seriously backing the "freedom fries." It's true, there actually are third graders running the country. The depths they can go to embarrass us knows no end. Methinks they that must call French Fries Freedom Fries are Fools.

Is there some kind of Trophy for this?
Well - the legacy of W in Texas lives on... Texas is just about to topple the 300 number of executions...in less than 25 years.

Watch Out Little Caribou! Those SUVs are Killers!
Looks like some jobs are gonna get created up Alaska way. The VP has been busy. Speaking of the VP....

Spread the Joy
I don't know if anyone in the US press corps (halfwits and yes-men that they are) has noticed, but recently, The Financial Times and BBC have carried stories that more than $900 million in contracts have already been negotiated with American companies who will go into Iraq after the "war." They call this REBUILDING. But the most notable one is Halliburton Oil, Dick Cheney's firm. I think that just about says it all. I'm sure over at The Dick Cheney Watch, they'll be glad to know he's got something to look forward to, which may keep him a live a little longer. Just a quick look over at Halliburton tells the whole story. Their front page actually says "The Villagers Supply the Joy." Yep, the joy of dozens of millionaire corporate dogs. Damned nice of those villagers.

Can I Sell this Weight Loss Plan?
On the Mama front, The Kid continues to drool out 3/4 of his caloric intake. Probably one reason he's only gained 2 lbs in 3 months. If only I could lose weight this way. People around me might not appreciate that my drool is allowing me to eat more. The boy is tall and skinny - like his father, thank God. He had 4 teeth come in at the same time on the top, which I can't even imagine that kind of ongoing pain. But he dealt with it like a trooper and now the drool that pours forth from his little mouth is the reward we all reap. He's standing and cruising about the place while holding on to various pieces of furniture. He sometimes dares to let go and stands on his own for a few seconds, then a look of terror descends upon his visage and he grabs for the nearest sturdy object to steady himself...which can unfortunately mean Dad's leg hair. This has been a growth experience for P. Meanwhile, back here at the Office, I notice this morning that the interns look about 12 years old. Am I really getting THAT much older?

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