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Friday, April 11, 2003
      ( 9:07 AM )
Meanwhile, back on the Other Side of the World...

While I'm altogether sure that there aren't more than 2 people, if that, in the administration left who are paying attention to any other part of the world - I'm wondering if they've seen and are considering this news I just saw on the BBC this morning. North Korea seems to be prepping for conflict...understandibly so, since they are next on the list. While it's more probable we'll start invading other middle eastern countries first, N. Korea isn't going to be caught unawares. Unless they start something first. And why not? If we can start wars for no reason and invade countries out of our own interests, then why shouldn't any other country in the world do the same? Was this question even asked when BushCo came up with its pretty little "preemptive policy plan?"

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