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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
      ( 4:16 PM )
Stupidity Should Be Painful

This conversation actually took place today:
Scene: She walks up to my desk where I have a package addressed to my brother that I will be taking to the post office on my lunch hour.
Co-worker (being ever so nosey): "who is that?" (presumably she refers to the fact that it's addressed to "Capt...."
Me: "Oh, it's a package to my brother."
CW: "what kind of address is that?"
Me: "it's an APO address...he's in the Gulf, it's how military members and families overseas get mail."
CW: "the military has its own zip code?"
Me: (thinking that the explanation of how mail is routed to overseas-stationed personnel is not worth my time, so I just sigh...) "yes."
CW: well, that's strange that you would have a brother in the military."
Me: (taken aback at this odd and intrusive comment) "Why do you say that?"
CW: "well, because of those comics you have up (Boondocks), I thought you were against Bush and the war."
Me: "I am." (but it's actually none of her business)
CW: (obviously perplexed) "how can you have a family member in the military then?"
Me: "what?"
CW: "well, i come from such a pacifist, peace-loving family, so that's why i have my beliefs, but it's strange about you."
Me: "okay..."
CW: "my dad wouldn't even go hunting."
Me: "what?" (I have no idea what turn this conversation has taken and I just wish she'd go away)
CW: "he couldn't even touch a gun. he hates violence that much."
Me: (exasperated) "there's a difference between being the military and being militaristic or violent, you know."
CW: "oh. well, it's a shame about your brother."
Me: "what?!?"
CW: "it must be hard for you."
Me: (when I have to talk to idiots like you?) "yes, yes it is."
And thank God just then I got a telephone call.
That was verbatim. I'm not kidding.
No wonder this country is falling apart -- is there no more room for thoughtful consideration of the facts of a matter before opening your mouth? Sigh...

Midweek 'Round the Blogosphere

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